Joe Louis vs. Rocky Marciano

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Picture taken on October 26, 1951, of the fight between the aging former champ, Joe Louis and a much younger up-and-coming fighter, Rocky Marciano. Louis had returned to the ring after retiring to clear his considerable debt to the IRS so when offered $300,000 to fight one of the hardest hitters around, it was too good to refuse.

Marciano, who grew up idolising Louis, demolished the former champion, knocking him to the floor in the eighth round before hitting him clean out of the ring, causing the fight to be stopped on a TKO. Louis retired for a second and final time after the bout, with his debts all but paid in full. After the fight, Marciano apologised to his opponent who humbly replied;

"What’s the use of crying? The better man won. I guess everything happens for the best."

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