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Posted by on Tuesday, February 4, 2014

"We, the undersigned, petition the Sports Council of Wales to grant funding for safety equipment to Welsh Karate clubs, irrespective of Karate Association Affiliation. A stated aim of the Sports Wales Community Chest scheme is to make money available for community sport and physical recreation, yet grants will only be considered if the club is affiliated to the recognised governing body. We believe ALL CHILDREN should be eligible to receive a grant for provision safety equipment, irrespective of the internal politics of the Sports Council, Governing Bodies and Sports Associations. We demand that Sports Council of Wales reconsider the granting of funds for the provision of safety equipment via the Community Chest scheme."

In recent years, political factors have caused a rift in Welsh karate leading to some of the most experienced and successful organisations to break away and form their own governing body, Karate Wales. Despite the fact that instructors such as Gabe Operanta, Stephen Wellington and Lee Costa have been teaching children and adults alike for decades in their prospective communities, the Sports Council of Wales refuses to recognise them.

As a result, they now denying much needed funding for safety equipment for one the oldest karate associations in Wales, the Welsh Shotokan Karate Association. Please click the link below and sign the petition to show the political figures in Welsh sport that it’s not about them, it’s about the people who participate, especially the kids.

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