Ronda Rousey Wins at UFC 190

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Ronda Rousey beat her opponent Bethe Correia on her home turf in just 34 seconds at UFC 190 in Rio de Janeiro to retain the UFC women’s bantamweight championship. Ronda and her team decided to play brawler Correia at her own game and she went out aggressively from the start. The Brazilian made her mistake when she tried to clinch her opponent near the edge of the Octagon which failed and left her scrambling. Rousey had no hesitation and delivered the knockout blow winning her 12th straight fight in her UFC career.

The fight was somewhat of a grudge match after Correia had made comments that alluded to the fact that Rousey’s father had committed suicide when she was a young girl. Before the fight started, the two did not touch gloves as is customary and after the knockout, Rousey ignored her defeated opponent. After the bout, Rousey stated;

“I guess she can’t really say things about my hands anymore, huh,” and went on to say; “I hope that nobody really brings up my family anymore when it comes to fights”.


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