The Battle of the Little Bighorn

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Sitting Bull (1885)

Alleged photo of Crazy Horse (c.1877)

Chief Gall (1881)

The Battle of the Little Bighorn, otherwise known as Custer's Last Stand or Lakota Victory Day took place on the 25 – 26 of June, 1876 near the Little Bighorn River in eastern Montana Territory. The conflict was fought between the combined forces of the Lakota, Northern Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes against the 7th Cavalry Regiment of the United States Army.

The Native American forces achieved an overwhelming victory that was inspired by the visions of Sitting Bull and were led by several tribal chiefs including Crazy Horse and Chief Gall. The 7th Cavalry was made up of twelve companies, five of which were completely obliterated including the Custer Battalion, a troop of seven hundred men led by General George Armstrong Custer, who himself was one of the fatalities of the conflict.

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