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Jumping Spinning Back Kick - Unsu

January 17, 2018

Mikazuki geri (crescent kick) flowing into sempu geri (jumping whirlwind kick) and ending with fuse no shisei (going to ground position) from the kata Unsu.


Gichin Funakoshi - Gankaku

January 15, 2018

Sensei Gichin Funakoshi performing the characteristic crane-like technique from the kata Gankaku.


Muhammad Ali Talking a Vet out of Suicide

January 12, 2018

This photograph taken in 1981 shows the dramatic moment Muhammad Ali saved a suicidal Veteran of the Vietnam war. The former Heavyweight Champion shouted to the man; “I’m your brother, I want to help you” after which the man allowed Ali to approach and eventually came off the ledge.


Map of the Mongol Empire

January 23, 2016

A map of the Mongol Empire 


Shaolin Temple Building

January 23, 2016

A small structure with historically important inscribed stones photographed on the grounds of the Shaolin Temple prior to the 1928 fire which caused major damage to the complex.


Kings of the Ring

January 20, 2016

Don King posing with two of the best fighters he ever worked with, former heavyweight champions Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali. The picture was taken in Las Vegas before a WBA-WBC lightweight championship fight on October 29, 1988.


The Crossbow: Medieval and Modern Military and Sporting

January 18, 2016

Title:  The Crossbow: Medieval and Modern Military and Sporting.

Date:  1840-1845.

Source:  Costumes of Mediaeval Christendom.

Information:  The kneeling and seated figures in this diagram illustrate how a crossbow is first drawn and then loaded. This is contrasted by the standing figure, who shows how much more rapidly a conventional bow can be fired.


Capoareira Mestres Pastinha and Jorge Amado

January 18, 2016

Capoareira Mestres Pastinha and Jorge Amado, 1961.


Garcia Afonso - the King of Kongo

January 17, 2016

Garcia II Nkanga a Lukeni a Nzenze a Ntumba, also known as Garcia Afonso, was the king of Kongo from 1641 to 1661. He is considered by many as Kongo's greatest ever leader for his religious piety and his near expulsion of the Portuguese from Angola.

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Karate Kick

January 17, 2016

A karateka breaking bricks with a front kick.

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