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Andrew Griffiths has been a student of the martial arts most of his life and has been studying the past for over twenty years, graduating with an Honours Degree in History from the University of Wales in 2007. The following year, he began a career as a freelance writer and in 2012 decided to combine his passions to produce The History of Fighting, a website dedicated to teaching the history of the martial arts, combat sports and military history. 

All the articles on The History of Fighting are written and published by Andrew Griffiths and are free for anyone to read, learn from and hopefully enjoy. He has also produced an eBook called The Birth of the Samurai, which charts the development of the warrior elite in early Japanese society and is available for purchase on Amazon. In November 2019, The History of Fighting Store was opened which is dedicated to providing high quality products related to the martial arts, combat sports and military history.

 Fighting Systems

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All Rights Reserved. Disclaimer: All training equipment sold on this site should only be used by people with, or under the supervision of, somebody with adequate training. By placing an order for any of these products, you accept full responsibility for any injuries that might occur during their use. The images on this site are believed to be in the public domain. However, if any mistakes have been made and your copyright or intellectual rights have been breeched, please contact andrew@articlesonhistory.com.

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